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                STOCK CODE:836826

                About GAISHI
                GAISHI Advantages
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                Talent Development
                Company Profile

                Build the Top Brand of Appetizer!

                Dalian Gaishi Food Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise that provides prepared appetizer like seaweed food series,nutritious mushroom series,
                colorful fish roe series and seafood salad series for domestic and overseas markets.

                With 27 years’ experience in exporting, the products have been sold to 57 countries and regions including Japan, US, EU, Southeast Asia, etc.

                Gaishi has won its name by bringing the good taste, reliableness and convenience to the catering market all over the world.

                • Founded in
                • Registered Capital
                • Raw Material Origin area
                  25000Square Meters
                • Production capacity
                News Center

                Build the Top Brand of Appetizer!

                Provide nutritious,delicious and healthy food for the consumers all over the world.


                Export to 57 countries and regions for 27 years.


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